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SA moves to Stage 3

June 1, 2020

South Africa has moved to Stage 3 of Lockdown. For a full summary of all the Locdown regualtions go to


Siyamed selling Hand Sanitiser in 25l drums

May 25, 2020

Siyamed is now selling hand sanitiser in 25l refill containers which can be used to refill anyone of the Siyamed small bottles

Siyamed issuing Covid-19 Certificates

May 3, 2020

After Siyamed has undetaken either a light Siyamed is doing both light sanitisation and disinfecting (no Covid-19 reported on the premises) or deep sanitisation and disinfecting (where Covid-19 has been reported). Businesses will be issued with a cerifcate to certify that the premises has been cleaned in accordance with all relevant health and safety regualtions.

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Services //

Premises Sanitisation and Disinfecting (S&D)

A Basic Office D&S   for businesses with no Covid- 19 related  incidence.
A Deep Clean S& D  for businesses where Covid -19 incidences have taken place 

Businesses will be issued with a certificate to certify that the premises has been cleaned in accordance with all relevant health and safety regulations 

Click here for a no-obligation quote for your premises.

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Hand & Surface Sanitisers

Siyamed sanitisers contain over 70% alcohol and are manufactured in compliance with all health and safety regulations pertaining to the Covid-19 virus. Used as

both hand and surface sanitisers they come in containers of 25 litres, 5 litres, 1 litre, 750ml, 500ml and 250ml. Custom branding of logos on labels can be arranged for large orders. For more information on sanitisers see

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Hypochlorus Acid Suppliers

Hypochlouros acid (trade name Medi-San) is considered nature's germ killer. It is widely used as a disinfectant, for example, in sanitizing wash solutions and is active against bacterial, viral, and fungal human pathogens.

It is being used internationally to combat the spread of the Covid-19 virus the good news is that hypochlorous acid is safe for humans and animals to consume. It can disinfect your drinking water and then be consumed also (it is even used in dental mouthwashs).

For more information on HOCI products see

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